Resource management enables better project management

Resource management is the future for byBrick

byBrick Interface got hold of the resources and can thereby keep the planned budgets

byBrick Inteface AB is a Swedish marketing bureau with 65 employees, which specialises in digital marketing products and mobile solutions for a row of different companies in Sweden and other European countries.

The mission for byBrick Interface is to help bigger industrial companies to improve everything from marketing strategies over mobile sales tolls to marketing material online or in hard copy from the three offices in Stockholm, Göteborg and Vesterås.


Resource management results in projects on time

For Partner, Creative Director and Business Developer, Håkon Gill, the resource management tool in TimeLog means that customer projects stay on track of the deadlines better than before.

The resource planner has made it easier for byBrick Interface to allocate hours and employees for projects, and afterwards to follow up if tasks are done or if more employees need to be allocated throughout a project period. With projects on huge contracts, it can mean a lot of money if the project exceeds a deadline, if the task and time management have been inefficient. Håkon Gill never needs to worry about this again with the new resource planner.

Project breakdown and individual planning

”TimeLog’s resource management tool is very important to us, because we assemble teams with the expertise needed for a new assignment depending on the performance requirements. This means there is a new team for each project, which is very challenging when planning”, Håkon Gill says. 

”Our projects cover everything from 20 to 600 hours. In TimeLog we break down the projects in small tasks, which the individual employee can easily focus on”, Håkon Gill continues. Hereafter the employee commits to the tasks and is responsible for delivering on time. 

“When things change, we can adjust the planning on a daily basis by using the resource planner", Håkon Gill explains. “It is nice to be able to move and allocate hours the way we do it in TimeLog”.

Better follow-up on projects

”We have become much better in following up on projects after having implemented TimeLog and we now have less projects exceeding the budgeted time", Håkon Gill says. For him it is now easy to implement changes in project plans to great satisfaction for customers and the internal organisation.

Håkan Gill, byBrick tells how TimeLog helped to improve their budgetted time
Håkan Gill, byBrick tells how TimeLog helped to improve their budgetted time
Our projects cover everything from 20 to 600 hours. In TimeLog, we break down the projects into smaller tasks, which is easier for each employee to focus on.
Håkon Gill
Creative Director and Business Developer, byBrick

Presentation of TimeLog

20 minutes online walk-through in front of your screen.

Presentation of TimeLog

Resource management through your calendar

Future events in your calendar are registered in the resource planner in TimeLog. It secures a more accurate occupancy rate and provides you with the full overview.

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