“Even the fiercest opponent of time registration and administration work was very impressed at how easy it is to use,” says Mikael Rasmussen, partner of fledgling management consultancy firm, Carve Consulting.


A gift for the consultant

Carve Consulting employ ten people and specialise in management-level consultancy, strategy implementation, organisational development and process optimisation. Mikael was on the lookout for a user-friendly and flexible time registration solution.

“Our team numbers ten, all experienced consultants, none of whom handle administration work. We chose TimeLog because it’s easy to use and it keeps administration to a minimum,” Mikael Rasmussen relates. 

From ten to a hundred in three years

“We recently started using TimeLog Business Edition and have had talks with TimeLog about switching to the Enterprise Edition,” says Mikael. For Mikael Rasmussen, the system’s advanced reporting in multiple currencies feature is a sound basis for future growth.

TimeLog fits our organisation perfectly because it adapts to the growth of a knowledge company such as ours. We expect to number 20 consultants by Christmas, and 100 in three years. TimeLog works in foreign settings as well, not to mention any companies we may come to own.
Mikael Rasmussen Partner at Carve Consulting

Saves time and money on administration

Mikael was familiar with TimeLog from a previous position, where he used the system to manage company finances, and he was convinced that it would meet the needs of Carve Consulting perfectly.

“All our consultants have run away screaming from administration work, but they find TimeLog very easy to use. Some were used to other systems, but found the speed and usability of TimeLog stunning. One employee had remarked that he was no fan of administration work. Having tried TimeLog, he was all praise. Having chosen the system myself, getting this kind of feedback from him was brilliant,” says Mikael, who recently convened all the consultants for an introduction.

“No one but me had heard of TimeLog, but everyone was quick to add customers and projects to the system. Within an hour and a half, all our projects were up and running.”

In a former company, we increased the revenue with two million DKK by analysing and following up on the profitability on all projects. That is why I have taken TimeLog with me to Carve Consulting, says Mikael.

First-class usability

For Mikael, usability and the increased focus on consultancy needs were key factors in choosing TimeLog to supply the company with a time registration solution:

“A time registration system is pivotal to many companies. When you buy a system like this, which is key to running your company, I think it’s wise to choose a supplier who concentrates on his field,” Mikael explains. “Their solutions are premium in that they cater for hourly based businesses,” Mikael concludes.

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