Factual information instead of gut feeling

As CEO you need to make the right strategic decisions with your mind at rest. 

As a CEO, you will primarily use TimeLog to get a clear view of the company’s revenue, pipeline efficiency and productivity. In this way, you can make vital decisions on enhancing company operations and performance.

Based on detailed performance analyses at customer, project, department or employee level, uou may go in-depth with issues regarding customers with inferior contribution margins, liability projects or employees with insufficiently invoiced hourly rates or invoicing percentages, or excessive depreciations.

Make decisions based on factual information

By taking advantage of TimeLog's unique data structure, you can make detailed real time analyses. Each single time and expense registration contain information about cost price, where to invoice them and where they are invoiced.

You can pull data from TimeLog's reports or via our Reporting API and exported to MS Excel or a business intelligence tool.

In addition to analysing at customer and employee levels, TimeLog shows which business areas are time wasters, and which are cash cows. These areas do not always match, so this analysis provides qualified figures to make a more suitable foundation on which to base major strategic decisions.  

TimeLog provides an opportunity for flexible automated project invoicing externally towards customers as well as internally in connection with bonus schemes, bookkeeping and analysis.

Make your employees happy and improve the bottom line

Way too many employees are frustrated that they need to track time and manage projects. They feel it takes away time from more important tasks in their busy everyday life. Help them spend their time rationally by giving them the best tool for time tracking and project management.

Your employees have the flexibility to select the time tracking client that best fits their work and enables them to follow their own performance. This enables a larger precision in their time tracking which means an increase in the invoicing percentage for your company.  

Multiple legal entities?

Then you might need the possibility to link several financial systems to TimeLog.

Read more about our extension Multiple Legal Entities, which support the concern’s need for financial management.

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