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Consultant engineers

Follow key figures and performance such as your projects' and customers’ profitability and contribution ratio

Easy control of contracts. See progress, value creation and resources

Budgets and deadlines. View work in progress on an ongoing basis and know your level of completion at all times

Resource management - get a clear view of employee workloads and make scheduling projects and deadlines easy

Easily manage your contracts as a consultant engineer

Control your contracts

We can offer you a unique opportunity to control your contracts in an easy and manageable way.

On each single project, there is a contracts page where the progress of the different contracts is shown. Here, how the value creating activities are distributed on tasks, employees and deliveries are managed.

Everything is continuously updated based on the employees’ time trackings.

Easily manage your contracts as a consultant engineer
Resource management consultant engineers

Manage your resources

You live a busy life, and therefore it should be easy to change plans if the need arises.

To stay one step ahead, you need to be able to see the consequences right away; both financially and regarding the resource situation on your other projects. With TimeLog’s resource management, you can adjust the plans.

Resource management consultant engineers

Gain control of work in progress on fixed price projects

Often consultant engineers want monthly management of work in progress due to e.g. many and long fixed price projects. By using TimeLogs revenue recognition, you get the opportunity to evaluate your work in progress on an ongoing basis, so you at all times know your level of completion.

> Learn how you always know your level of completion with revenue recognition now 

Break down organisational silos

Invoice in TimeLog to have the entire project economy compiled, and thereafter transfer your invoices to your financial systems, e.g. e-conomicAxapta/Navision or Visma Administration. 

Integration with financial systems

If you use a different financial system, it is possible to import the invoicing potential by using our invoice export. 

In this way, project managers are able to get an overview of the compiled project economy, when they have a continuous dialogue with customers.

View all integrations 

Try TimeLog free for 30 days 

Right now you can try a fully functional version of TimeLog Invoicing Basic for 30 days. 

With Invoicing Basic you can:

  • Track time on web, mobile and desktop
  • Register vacation, flex, other absence, travels and expenses
  • Manage projects
  • Control invoicing on time & material
  • And much more 

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