IT consultant and software developer

Since 2002 Norwegian DocMap AS has served as an IT-consultant company as well as the software developer of the management system DocMap. The product is used as an efficient document management system for operational management, process improvement, and quality management. 

The Challenge – A Separated Business

DocMap AS has two departments located respectively in Oslo and Stavanger, and the distance between the two departments has resulted in problems in regards to internal administration. 

Before we used TimeLog I didn’t have direct access to data from our development department in Stavanger. Now I have all the information I need right after my employees have registered their time.
Svein H. Syversen VD at Docmap

Also, DocMap AS has consultants located all over Norway and Sweden. The large distances make web-based time tracking a perfect tool to improve the management’s overview of DocMap AS, and ensure an efficient business. 

”We have consultants over Norway and Sweden who need to invoice their work. With TimeLog it’s easy and quick. And they can do it directly on their laptop -wherever they are. That means that I, at all times, can access an updated business overview,” Svein H. Syversen explains. 

TimeLog has enabled DocMap to gather the data needed to get a clear overview of our level of efficiency and sales.

The results – a complete overview

DocMap AS has used TimeLog for about 2 years, and TimeLog is already the company’s most central business system

“Before TimeLog we didn’t register time in a real system, but in Excel. I had to collect every employee’s time registering manually in Excel sheets. Then I needed to find out what could be invoiced and what couldn’t. And both internal and external projects were mixed. With TimeLog this process is much easier. Internal and external projects can easily be found now, and it is no problem to manage the 50-60 projects we operate with right now”, Svein Syversern explains and continues  

”Mainly we use the system to register time and make invoices. TimeLog makes it possible to receive all data we need in order to provide an overview of our efficiency and sales, and helps us to gain new sales prospects. We just need to register every hour in the system” Svein H. Syversen explains. 

The possibilities

TimeLog is a web-based standard product that consultancies and project-oriented businesses can benefit greatly from. TimeLog is more than web-based time tracking. With the right attitude and training it can replace entire business systems. 

“We have an ASP- agreement with TimeLog, which gives us a very good price on the product. That means that just one working hour pr. employee justifies the monthly payment. I believe that is a very good return on investment,” Svein Syversen explains.

In the longer term, TimeLog can show you advantages and disadvantages your company’s organisational structure. Using TimeLog you can measure and analyse all from customers’ contribution margin to employees’ billability and target areas in different business units. TimeLog’s products are efficient management tools that improve your company’s cost-effectiveness in a simple and efficient way.

Results you can se and feel

And the financial results are also showing. 

“We are very pleased with TimeLog - it works very good. Now we can catch every single hour in TimeLog. We can already see it in our revenues, compared to last year, that it has been a good investment.  The numbers from today are much better than before we had TimeLog“. 

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