Accountant Business

”We used C5 before - but we changed to TimeLog, because the system offers more flexible methods for time tracking - among others, online weekly timesheets, TimeLog Tracker and apps for smartphones." That is what state authorized public accountant Sten Glarkrog from Ecomentor says when explaining why they chose TimeLog.

”We primarily use TimeLog for time tracking, invoicing and to follow-up on projects – and now we consider to use it for task planning as well,” says Sten.

“As all 16 employees invoice the customers themselves, it is very useful to have all in one from the beginning supporting the processes in a consultancy company, even if the many processes are more detailed than we are used to."

One of the reason why we choose TimeLog with their e-conomic integration was because we didn’t have to invest in a large system to cover our relatively simple needs.
Sten Glarkrog Partner at Ecomentor

Integration for e-conomic

Even though TimeLog supports way more processes and functionalities than Ecomentor uses, especially one thing made them think twice:

“We bought C5 for the financial management and had a module for time tracking”, Steen explains. “But it was an old version and it would have been expensive to upgrade. C5 didn’t support registration of value on work in progress like TimeLog EVM does. Many of our customers already used e-conomic and therefore we needed to find a time tracking system that integrates with e-conomic. We heard of TimeLog via our customers and had a talk with CEO Søren Lund. The rest is history,” says Sten with a twinkle in the eye.

Saved 20,000 EUR on IT investment

”One of the things we liked about TimeLog and e-conomic was that we didn’t need to invest time and money in a large ERP-system to cover our relatively simple needs", Sten Glarkrog explains. “We have a subscription agreement on both systems and everything is online - and we always get the newest, updated versions for free, because we already pay for using the system. In other words, we saved a lot of money on server solutions, which we should have hosted ourselves. With both systems we just buy a service and we even have support included in the agreement."

Easy to set up and use

With one click you can transfer invoices from TimeLog to e-conomic and the set-up process itself was not complicated: “We were among the first to try out the integration, so of course there were start-up problems, but they are solved already. If I should set up the integration today, I am sure it would be as easy as that time, if not easier”, says Sten persuasively. "I have heard that automatic transfer of registered value on work in progress (EVM) is on the way, and we are looking very much forward to that”, says Sten, who today register work in progress manually in e-conomic.

Strong management tools and reports

Sten is very enthusiastic about the overview provided by TimeLog’s management reports:

“In this regard, TimeLog is a really strong partner”, says Sten, who uses the reports for internal reporting and following up on employee performance, resource estimates, illness, etc. “TimeLog is so flexible that all paths lead to Rome. There are many links that lead to the same figures and the many reports provide a good overview of the performance on both employee and company level. You don’t find that in C5 for example”, Sten ends convincingly.

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