emineo had a saving of 10-15% when they started using TimeLog
Consultancy and sofware development

The quest for efficient invoicing

Project work that stretched over long periods of time made invoicing a challenge for Swiss emineo.

For emineo’s consultants each project can last for many months. By working on long- term customer cases the invoicing is spread out over several months. This caused prob- lems for emineo, since it became difficult to keep track of how much work was invoiced and how much was not yet. This resulted in an inadequate billing potential, costing the company both valuable time and money.

Consultancy and software developer emineo is specialised within solutions of operational economic problems. Their professional ex- pertise and knowledge covers the entire process, from strategy, to technical concept development to software development. The solutions are customised and developed using the SAP NetWeaver®-platform by using the J2EE technology.

Besides the classical solutions, emineo develops applications for SAP-portals as well as applications for mobile units and ensures system integration with the whole company. Experienced consultants and an efficient realisation have made emineo market leaders within the development of SAP NetWeaver® and Java-projects.

A vague billing potential

Werner Zecchino, CEO of emineo, identified a problem in the company. Their administrative tasks demanded far too many resources, leading to both reduced contribution margins and turnover.

“Before TimeLog we used an enormous amount of time managing time tracking and invoicing. Also, we lost money because our time tracking several months back was lost because we didn’t have the right system to manage our processes,” says Werner Zecchino.

Until emineo started using TimeLog employees would enter their hours in Web- TimeSheet. Subsequently, an evaluation was made before creating invoices in Microsoft® Word. The problem arose due to emineo working on long-term projects that are not invoiced monthly. Thus the company was left without a general overview of which services had been invoiced or not.

“It was crucial to find an efficient system for time tracking, but also one that could provide the overview needed to know which projects had been invoiced, and which ones were yet to be invoiced. We needed this to stop the loss of revenue”

Pursuing the right solution

Werner Zecchino found TimeLog when searching for a new system that in- corporated both time tracking, gathered all the processes connected to invoicing and managed paid invoices.

“TimeLog was the only product that gathered all the processes from time tracking to invoicing to management of whether invoices had been paid or not – it was really the only one!”

Another aspect that led emineo to choose TimeLog was the processes for invoicing and its user-friendliness.

“Invoicing hours registered in TimeLog is very quick. At any given moment it is poew clicks you create and print the invoice directly in TimeLog. The entire invoicing process now takes half as long as before, and at any given moment in time we are absolutely sure that all hours are invoiced,” says Werner Zecchino and continues:

“What I like about the product is that, from a user perspective it is a very straightforward and simple system. There are no flashing lights and weird symbols on each side to distract you. What you get is a clear and simple system that is easy to use. This was important to me.”

10-15% reduction on costs

Since the introduction of TimeLog, emineo has achieved great cost reductions on the internal administration.

“We have achieved cost reductions of 10-15 % on our expenses. But more importantly, wenow save a significant amount of time on actual invoicing processes each month.”

The areas where TimeLog has really made a difference are especially those connected with time tracking and managing the invoicing processes. At the same time the system has provided a large degree of transparency in relation to certain business processes.

 Zecchino explains: “In a quick and transpar- ent way it is now possible to see where time is spent and which projects, customers and processes we spend time on – this is essential to managing emineo,” and continues: 

“TimeLog has helped us optimise our internal processes as well as our billing potential – both financially and organisationally.”

The entire [invoicing] process takes about half the time it did before, and we are always sure that all registered hours are invoiced.
Werner Zecchino
CEO, emineo

Presentation of TimeLog

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Presentation of TimeLog

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