IT Consultancy

TimeLog met Manager Peter Østerballe-Christensen for a talk about the value TimeLog adds to the business. 

Fellowmind is a company offering IT solutions and consulting services that focus on communication, process optimization, knowledge sharing and cooperation. The company has 1800 employees and 6 offices worldwide. 

To manage its business, the company uses TimeLog for time tracking, invoicing and business intelligence. 

Our consultants thought it was easy to use and integrate, which is why we chose TimeLog.
Peter Østerballe-Christensen CEO Fellowmind

Focal point for business intelligence

The reason why TimeLog was chosen, was that the consultants thought it was an easy time tracking tool, and that the implementation was quick and simple. "Our consultants use TimeLog to track their time every day," says Peter.

Peter is a part of Projects sales at Fellowmind, and therefore focuses on Fellowmind’s invoicing. Using TimeLog, he can easily follow up on time spent on projects.

Besides TimeLog giving a good point of departure for creating an invoice, the system provides great transparency internally, where "TimeLog is the focal point for our own business intelligence”, says Peter.

Fellowmind can boost employee performance

TimeLog helps Fellowmind optimise the business on an ongoing basis, as the system gives an overview of employee performance.

"It helps us optimise individual performance and make sure we focus on the right things - and don't waste our consultants' or our customer's time," he says.

Time is a perishable commodity. If it's still on the shelf at the end of the day, we can only throw it out.
Peter Østerballe-Christensen CEO, Fellowmind
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