Creative digital agency

At the digital agency Frankly, they want an exact overview of their resources and revenue, and they have known the importance of this for a long time, but it has been difficult for them to take the last steps towards execution.

TimeLog forces us to plan ahead

In 2016, Frankly implemented TimeLog, which has led to them having an accurate overview of the important details, which provides the company with a solid basis for decision making. This means that their daily work processes run more smoothly.

TimeLog helps us make a detailed plan for the coming week, and at the same time provide a clear picture of which resources are in high demand, which are overbooked in a long period, which we can rely on and which we can draw on.
Nicolai Wichmann Partner at Frankly

Chasing extra resources

Frankly is a creative digital agency, which works with communication across digital platforms. It is key for Frankly to use a tool, which provides a clear resource overview far ahead into the future.

The good thing about TimeLog is that we can see the registered vs booked time on the different employees every day. Even if the planned hours are not executed, they do not disappear from our planning.
Anders Graae Project manager at Frankly

”We make a lot of registrations each week, and we need exact planning to know where we have extra resources and where we need resources for more than just a few days ahead,” says Anders Graae, project manager.

They are enthusiastic about the accurate overview of bookings and monthly estimated revenue, which they now have in the company. ”Actually, one of the project managers found EUR 4,000, which we did not know we had,” says Anders Graae.

Nicolai and Anders both agree that TimeLog now only benefits the company, but also the employees who are happy about the system. They have quickly adapted to the system, and they even have extra energy to write a comment together with their weekly submission of timesheets.

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