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Business systems are for entrepreneurs, too!

For Gluu, TimeLog has meant business scalability right from the start.

Gluu is an entrepreneurial organisation which develops process interaction software. The company is a prime example of the processes supported by TimeLog for even small knowledge companies.

“Our aim is for management to free up time from corporate operation and reallocate it to business development in order to avoid the growth limit experienced by many,” explains Søren Pommer, one half of the Gluu duo, on choosing TimeLog for time registration.

Gluu was founded in 2011 and aims to add sociality and life to business processes by vesting them in the organisation’s workforce. Facilitating knowledge sharing with a “social superlayer” over the system lets employees navigate their assignments easily while receiving tips and tricks for completing their work and helpful input from their colleagues directly in Gluu’s application.

Big and small customers

Gluu’s customer base boasts companies both large and small, including YouSee, Novozymes and ONE Marketing. All of which need the same thing: vesting processes in the organisation’s employees. Gluu’s trademark is making processes understandable and seeing them to fruition. Maintaining focus while developing the company meant that Gluu had to adopt a business system based on best practices.

“We support our customers’ development from ‘adhocracy’ to high-level process maturity. A prerequisite for this is that we can offer our customers process support along with our software. This task is very time-consuming for us and we needed to find a supplier capable of handling it for us. This is where TimeLog’s effective standard processes came in. Due to TimeLog’s impressive scalability, we can rest assured that as we grow and need new features, scalability is not an issue,” Søren Pommer concludes.

The elastic business system

Gluu uses TimeLog in all business areas. “What do we spend our time doing? And does it support our strategy? Are there any gaps, or do we need to correct certain things to achieve our goals?” Søren relates. Using TimeLog’s desktop and smartphone applications, no working hours go unregistered. This is mainly due to the user-friendliness of the applications, and for Gluu, a subscription-based software development company, monthly payments are far easier than having to invent one’s own system or purchase expensive server-based ones.

From a small system to an ERP-solution

“It is important that we incorporate effective routines from day one. The bigger the organisation, the bigger the maintenance, so being proactive is key. A system which can be expanded into a fully integrated ERP system is priceless to any growing company. And when we do need to expand, we won’t need to shop around. This will save us a lot of time which is better spent elsewhere.”

How do we spend our time, and how does it support our strategy? Are there any gaps, or do we need to correct certain things to achieve our goals?”
Søren Pommer
CEO, Gluu

Presentation of TimeLog

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Presentation of TimeLog