IIH Nordic
Specialists in online marketing

IIH Nordic,Specialists in online marketing and impact measurement integrates with e-conomic and there are endless opportunities for pulling data out of the system”, Dorte Buch, project manager at IIH Nordic, tells.

IIH Nordic therefore changed from having one system to use TimeLog that specialises in time and project management, and at the same time has a strong integration to Visma e-conomic.

Experiences with a different time tracking system

IIH Nordic is short for Internet Intelligence House. They are specialists in assisting companies with online marketing and impact measurement Prior to using TimeLog, IIH Nordic used a different time tracking system, which they quickly decided was too time-consuming to work with.

”The user interface was very bad, which made the system time-consuming to use. It was therefore important for us to get a system, which was easy to use", Dorte says. They wanted to return to e-conomic and have a specialised time and project management tool with a strong integration to e-conomic, which is why they selected TimeLog.

"Project managers can easily approve invoices in TimeLog, and the financial department can see which invoices are ready for invoicing in e-conomic."
Dorthe Buch Project manager at IIH Nordic

Keep focus on core competences

When IHH Nordic and TimeLog entered into the cooperation, both parties agreed which areas were important to develop further, which decided the matter for IIH Nordic’s choice of supplier. 

”From the beginning, TimeLog was very honest about the core competencies. Each system has their good features, and some software companies build large and complex system, because they want to include everything. Here it worked best for us with a system that easily integrates with e-conomic”, Dorte says.

IIH Nordic saves time with the integration

With TimeLog, IIH Nordic has gained a better overview of their customers, and now know how much time and revenue each single customer demands and provides. ”We not yet measure the different KPIs, but we have a strong expectation about taking this part of the system into use as soon as possible”, Dorte says.

By using the integration to e-conomic, IIH saves time on not having to transfer the invoices manually. Project managers can easily approve invoices in TimeLog, and the financial department can see which invoices are ready for invoicing in e-conomic.

Implementation to get started quickly

”We wanted a fast implementation, so we could keep track of revenue, pipeline and all contracts”. With help from a TimeLog consultant, the system was setup to match IIH’s needs and wishes. IIH Nordic chose to dedicate Dorte to implementing TimeLog, which has contributed to a fast implementation of both time tracking and project management.

”TimeLog’s consultant really had a good understanding of our business and knowledge of the system, which made me feel well equipped to use the system”, Dorte ends.

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