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As the system affects the everyday life of each employee, a lot of footwork was done, and time and resources were spent to find out how to introduce the change process to the employees.

A good tool for project management

Before TimeLog, Inspari used the financial system e-conomic for time tracking and project management. However, they needed a more specialised project management tool, and with TimeLog’s integration to e-conomic, they could get the best of two worlds.

”TimeLog was the system that could solve most of our challenges and live up to our demands regarding project management, time tracking and the invoicing flow”, says Business Controller at Inspari, Allan Hime-Laurberg.

TimeLog was the system that could solve most of our challenges and live up to our demands regarding project management, time tracking and the invoicing flow.
Allan Hime-Laurberg Senior Business Partner at Inspari

Many stakeholders must be satisfied

Inspari is supplier of Business Intelligence Software and expert advice, and towards their own customers, they daily focus on the importance of embedding a new project or process in the company. Therefore, the internal change process with the implementation of TimeLog naturally got the same focus.

”Many stakeholders must be satisfied. You therefore need to seek compromises without interfering with your business”, Allan says.

”It wasn't something that as such was systemised, but a process where a larger group sat down and looked at the isues we had, how they could be solved, and if the solution would create new problems. You need to take into account that it is always difficult to please everybody. Therefore, we needed to think through what could displease them", Allan explains. Allan has been responsible for the choice and implementation of TimeLog; a process that has taken about a year from the beginning to the end with on/off activities.

Inspari thought out of the box during the implementation

With help from Inspari’s internal marketing department, an internal guide about the most commonly used processes in TimeLog was written. The use of posters formed as speech bubbles visually reminding the employees about the use of TimeLog at different places in the company was more creative.

The employees were reminded of the start-up of TimeLog at each monthly meeting, and smaller workshops were held to prepare every one for the use of the new system.

Picture of poster at Inspari’s office
Picture of poster at Inspari’s office

The atmosphere in the company after the implementation

Based on interviews with the users and internal surveys, TimeLog has been given a good reception. 94% of the users are overall satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied with TimeLog. 53% think it is easy to track time, whereas only 3% finds it difficult.

With their successful implementation of TimeLog, Inspari has shown that to successfully implement a new business system, it is crucial to be aware of the change process, and that it takes time.

Therefore, it is important that both managers and employees are adequately equipped to perform the upcoming task and make it a success.

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