We take you by the hand and guide you all the way

Even though our PSA system is standardised, our customers certainly are not. We therefore really mean it, when we want to offer the world’s best service and support.

With us, you get much more than a standardised PSA system. You get a partner that makes a virtue out of getting to know our customers really well to understand you exact needs.

Our system is the result of a close cooperation with our customers, who have helped us improve the system since TimeLog was founded in 2001. We strongly believe that a close cooperation is the way to the best TimeLog system and happy customers who exploit their investment to the fullest.

Our customers are our top priority

In TimeLog, why we are serious when we say that our customers deserve industry-leading service. ’Customer satisfaction’ and ’Customer support satisfaction’ are two of TimeLog’s KPIs, which we measure and evaluate monthly. We do this to make sure that we constantly focus on providing the best service to our customers, both before and after you take the system into use.

We have consultants who help you implement the system. Either on-site or via online workshops.

Our Customer Success team is ready to answer your quick questions via phone, chat, and mail, so you quickly get help for your everyday questions.

We measure customer satisfaction weekly, as we want your immediate feedback on us as your PSA partner. We do not find peace until you are satisfied.

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We know our customers by name

We host an array of events to meet you face to face and enter into a dialogue. We also wish to enrich your knowledge to help you streamline your company. We, therefore, host e.g.:

Help is near when you need it

We know that many of you want to find the help you need yourself here and now without contacting our support. Therefore, we of course also offer a help universe.