Project manager

  • Manage your projects
  • Resource overview
  • Estimated time to completion
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Manage your projects and economy

You get the full project progress and invoicing potential overview with a solid project management tool

As a project manager you primarily use TimeLog as a project management tool to create and segment projects into installments and benchmarks using system time allocations and deadlines.

Manage your projects

When you have many projects in your portfolio, it can sometimes be challenging to get the full overview of progress and financials. We give you the tool to get a real time overview; the only thing needed is your colleagues tracking time on your projects. Then your project finances are updated instantly, and you are always ready for a status meeting.

Project planning in a few minutes

Your time is valuable, and it is therefore important that you spend as little time as possible on administration and instead spend it on reaching the project goals.

We therefore focus on easy creation of projects without compromising with your needs to keep track of the details. You can therefore create project templates, import project plans from Microsoft Project or build them from time to time, and they are thereafter visualised in exportable Gantt charts. You can always evaluate your projects and see the status with our many project reports. 

Manage your resources

You may budget on project, task and employee level. When you add resources to your projects, you immediately see how booked they are within the same period of time. This enables you to solve any resource challenges right away, so you ensure on time delivery.

Advanced contract management

TimeLog meets the needs you have when handling complex contracts on your projects. We therefore offer up to eight different contract types, incl. time & material, fixed price, prepaid hours and service agreements. It is also possible for you to have an unlimited number of subcontracts on a project, so you gather the project finances in one place.

Create your own project invoices

You know your project status best. It is therefore a good idea to make an invoice draft on your projects, which your bookkeeper then can book in TimeLog, so you have the total project finances. The invoices are thereafter transferred to the financial system. In this way, you have access to all relevant information on the project finances and a better estimate of future projects based on previous financial experience without logging into your financial system.

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