The consultant

Manage your time

TimeLog is an efficient tool when you as a project member need to report time and expenses and get an overview of your tasks.

As a consultant, you primarily use TimeLog for reporting time and expenses on your projects; it should be easy, accessible and demand minimal effort to track your time correctly. Find the time tracking client that best matches your needs, and it daily takes less than 3 minutes.

Get a higher invoicing percentage

If you invoice your hours, there are many hours to be found by tracking time with our TimeLog Tracker. Customers often call in with questions that maybe take 15-20 minutes to answer, but you do not invoice them, because the time is not tracked. With TimeLog Tracker you track your time while working and can easily navigate between your customers, so you collect all the hours with the right documentation.

See real time status on your salary time

You can report expenses and milage and get an overview of planned and held vacation and see an actual balance of the flex account. Because everything is registered in TimeLog, you always have the information at hand.

Get an overview of your future tasks

It is also possible for you to get an overview of planned tasks and to see your personal budgets and deadlines. In this way, you get a detailed overview of your own workload, and see if there are peak periods you need to take into account                                                                      

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