The needs of public organisations are supported by TimeLog

Public organisations

Better work routines

Save time on administration with simple time tracking and salary management and detailed reporting, also for the EU.

Public organisations typically need time tracking to get an overview of what tasks time is spent on and if projects take more time than budgeted.  Time tracking lays the ground for optimising procedures and processes.

By giving the employees the opportunity to track time in a way that matches their way of working, their reporting is more accurate and it thereby strengthens your reporting and basis for decision.

Salary and flex management

With TimeLog you get the opportunity to deliver salary data to your salary system.  If you need to manage more than 1:1 flex calculation due to collective agreements or track exact in/out time, TimeLog Salary is optimal for this purpose.  

By managing your salary time in TimeLog, each single employee has a real time overview of their flex and vacation at all times.

Project and resource management

Project management in TimeLog is supported by time schedules, budgeting, follow-up and reporting. If you have experience with bigger projects in your department or organisation, TimeLog’s resource planner can be used to plan and follow up on tasks and deadlines.

It is also possible to use time tracking to support internal invoicing when the departments in the organization (e.g. an internal IT department) provide services to other departments.

Integration for financial and salary systems

With TimeLog you have different opportunities for integration to salary and financial systems. It makes it easy to transfer data which in turn reduce time spent on administration for both the accounts and salary departments.

“When I meet with other businesses whom I feel could benefit from the tools in TimeLog, I don’t hesitate to recommend the system.”
Torben Kristensen
Consultant, Væksthus Sjælland
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