The resource coordinator

Meet your deadlines

Get a clear view of employee workloads, which helps you meet your deadlines.

As resource coordinator, you use TimeLog to prioritise which employees to book for certain projects and when, based on budgeting, schedules, planned holidays, absence and normal working hours.

Based on TimeLogs resource planner, you may re-book tasks, rearrange schedules and change the workload of each single resource during the course of the tasks.

Help project managers with their staffing

By updating your resource planner, the project manager will right away see, if the resources they wish to use in their projects are booked for other projects in the same period. It makes it possible for you to enter into a dialogue about the resource challenge right away, so you can find a solution without over-booking the employee and thereby not reach your deadlines.

Do you have room for more projects?

As it is possible to add projects to TimeLog that are still at the offer stage, you can get a clear view of all scheduled and pre-booked resources. It makes capacity assessments for new projects in a given period of time easy.

See your future earnings potential

When you have planned your resources, you may see the future earnings potential with a single click, if you follow the plan.You can thereby follow if there are periods where you lack revenue based on the projects you have in the pipeline right now. It makes it possible for you to act proactively and avoid surprises where it is too late to react.  

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