Creative niche with an analytical twist

Seismonaut specialises in business development in both private and public creative industries. In its own words, the consultancy firm bridges the gap between strategy, business and experience. Seismonaut's methods are both quantitative and qualitative, and its business areas cover strategy and analysis, efficiency measurements and evaluations as well as project development and network business development.

Private customers are usually small and large creative companies, cultural institutions and trade associations, while public customers number ministries as well as regional and municipal authorities.

“The project factor is our guiding light”

More than half of Seismonaut’s assignments are fixed-price projects. That’s why TimeLog plays a pivotal role for the consultancy firm, as CEO Anna Porse extracts key data for reliable time estimates.

Every offer is based on reliable time estimates, and we’re constantly improving our estimation skills based on our experience with TimeLog. The project factor is our guiding light, and we’re constantly mindful of not ‘getting too red.
Anna Porse Nielsen CEO at Seismonaut A/S

By this she means the colour given to project factors once a project exceeds the target revenue. “We use TimeLog to brutally manage our hours,” Anna continues. “I find myself constantly wondering how we can use the system more. I check your webinars and try to discover new ways of using time registration data.”

Invoicing in TimeLog, please

“At the moment, our invoices are based on a personal template of mine with data retrieved from TimeLog and editable predefined fields – as is the case with many small consultancy firms with no automated processes. We usually invoice 5–15 times a month, but I'm convinced that TimeLog can make this easier,” Anna relates, smiling. She’s very interested in TimeLog’s new consultancy unit, which visits customers and provides on-site training.

“This unit would make things a lot easier for us, allowing everyone to receive training without having to leave the office,” says Anna enthusiastically.

Twitter praise for TimeLog 

Such is the level of Anna’s appreciation for TimeLog that she recommended the system to her Twitter followers.

“At the moment, we use TimeLog for time registration, project management and salary management, and it’s super easy because our external resources don’t need to fill in detailed timesheets: their registrations are immediately visible, and that makes salary management easy, as it’s based on the number of hours registered. I’m starting to view TimeLog as a strategic tool as well – one that might help us grow further. You can generate all sorts of interesting reports, and the very user-friendly interface seals the deal for us: we need to increase our TimeLog skills – and our workforce,” Anna concludes with a smile.

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