IT Consultancy

The Specialists offer expert advice for the business world, but they are also a socioeconomic company, which educate and clarify people with a diagnosis of autism. They are good at tasks which demand focus, persistence and a structured line of thoughts. Their needs go hand in hand with the possibilities TimeLog gives for exact time tracking.

Saves time on invoicing

”We used Excel sheets before TimeLog, but we spent a lot of time invoicing. Back then, we were not done until the 10th in each month. Today we do it on the same day using TimeLog”, says Business Manager at The Specialists Britt Eggert Behrend. That is just one of the reasons why the cooperation with TimeLog has been an important change within the company during the recent years.

About the first time with TimeLog Britt Eggert Behrend says “you need to find out what your needs are, it takes some time, because there are so many possibilities within the system. With the new version (6.0), new features were introduced, I love the shortcuts and am pleased with the support opportunities”.

Before we started using TimeLog, we used Excel spreadsheets and spent a lot of time invoicing. We were not done before the 10th of the month. With TimeLog we invoice on the same day.
Britt Eggert Behrend Business Manager at Specialisterne

Time tracking is the main activity

”Time tracking is important for us, which is why the accessibility in TimeLog is a major plus", says Britt. All consultants use TimeLog for time tracking. “This detail precision is important for the consultants, and the TimeLog Tracker is therefore a great tool for them, because it is possible to indicate exact time registrations”, she explains.

Can be customised for individual needs

The Specialists have branches in more countries. Therefore, they use TimeLog Departments to create an array of independent departments, which fits the department structure.    

The employees at The Specialists have many different normal working hours and TimeLog meets our need for a flexible system

“The role structure is very useful, and it is easy when a new colleague arrives, as we ourselves determine what reports we wish to see. It makes it manageable for new employees to get started."

TimeLog in the future

The Specialists consider integrating TimeLog with their financial system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. "We want to have more data in TimeLog in order for us to be able to make financial measurements, but beforehand we need a cost-benefit analysis by integrating with Navision", explains Britt.

"Right now time tracking, invoicing, and handling of absence are main areas for us, but we want to use TimeLog Project more as a resource tool. In this way we can improve our project management and cost benefit,” she ends. 

TimeLog supports the work The Specialists do to help people with a diagnosis of autism. As the consultants have a special ability to spot errors many people overlook, they are the perfect match when a product needs testing. TimeLog has used The Specialists’ expert advice to test software, e.g. our apps for iPhone and Android, because it is crucial that the end product works 100%. 

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