United Kingdom

International consultancy firm Symetri is present in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, and around 530 employees across all Symetri’s legal entities use TimeLog. 

With TimeLog, multiple people can now use a single project across borders
Arti Mittagunta Director of Business Systems Transformation Symetri

“That means they don’t have to switch between projects created for different legal entities, which means less project management. We have one owner, and everything is visible to the other departments if you’d want to borrow resources between departments.” 

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One system and process across borders with TimeLog 

Symetri uses TimeLog for time tracking, project management, and billing. The system is integrated with Symetri’s ERP system, and next year the company plans to review integration with the CRM system as well. 

“Previously, we had another project management solution, but we wanted to be able to manage our projects end to end,” says Arti Mittagunta. “And we wanted to use one system and process across countries – that’s key. So, we switched to TimeLog to get a holistic view that included the finance side as well. With TimeLog, we have one source of truth for everyone.”  

Symetri uses both fixed price and time and material contracts, and TimeLog’s revenue recognition functionality is important to Symetri.  

“With TimeLog, we have a system that can recognize the work we’ve done from a finance point of view and makes it easy to create vouchers. In every project, we measure what is the work in progress and what is the deferred income. That is, how much work is done and what is balanced. And with TimeLog, a financial controller can easily measure that over all divisions.” 

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Symetri recommends other companies use TimeLog 

Arti Mittagunta also highlights how TimeLog streamlines the invoicing process. 

“It’s a very easy process to identify what needs to be invoiced, and then you can invoice straight from TimeLog. You just press a button to invoice, and that creates an invoice in the ERP system, so there is less manual work to create invoices.” 

What’s your advice to other companies like yours? 

“To have a system that can do the invoicing part, the revenue recognition, the project management and the resource planning, so you just need one single tool,” says Arti Mittagunta. “And to use a system that can integrate with your CRM and finance systems. Otherwise, there will be a lot of manual work.” 

Would you recommend TimeLog? 

“Yes, I would,” says Arti Mittagunta.