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Ready for take off?

Successful implementation

A change process takes time. This is why Inspari included the entire company in the TimeLog preparations. After one month, 94% of the employees are satisfied with the system.

TimeLog listens to the customers

TimeLog enables Pentia to follow the projects hour for hour. Pentia uses TimeLog Reposting API to pull data and make their own customised reports.

TimeLog makes sure all hours are tracked

At Proactive 120 consultants use TimeLog to track their time. It makes sure that all billable hours are tracked, and that the projects are under control.

'Discount offers' no longer steal RackPeople's profit

Using TimeLog, the IT consultants at RackPeople no longer lose profit to underestimated quotes. As a bonus, they went from 70 to 99.9% invoicing of customer projects.

Mølbak can track work in progress on 1,700 projects

Mølbak Landinspektører has gained a constant overview of depreciation and value creation on all their projects after investing in TimeLog.

”I always know the present situation"

Especially the TimeLog Tracker makes exact time tracking possible, which is important for the consultants at The Specialists.

Optimal integration with e-conomic

With TimeLog it is possible for IIH Nordic to integrate their time- and project management system with e-conomic, which was an essential part of the decision process.

The CEO has full overview of his core business

TimeLog gives CEO Frederik Sandgrav all the KPIs he needs to run an effective and profitable accounting business. On top of that, he saves 1 full day every month doing invoices.

Securing the livelihood of Væksthus Sjælland

TimeLog helps our project managers distribute “time chunks”, which gives them time to react if their schedule starts to slide.

Bookkeepers can price contracts better

Einfach uses time registrations as the basis for price estimations for new customers. At the same time, invoice potential and key figures are ready when they need them.

The solution for Docmap’s challenges

With time tracking in TimeLog Docmap's CEO has all the information he needs the minute after employees have registered it. 

Chasing the extra resources

Frankly got control of revenue and resources and now have a better basis for their decision making.

Looking for a system to integrate with e-conomic

”Many of our customers were already using e-conomic, so we just needed to find a system for time tracking that integrated with e-conomic"

Important aspect was data security

Xedis was looking for a tool that was easy to use, also for external consultants. At the same time, it should always be accessible, even for consultants working for customers in other countries.

The most user friendly time tracking system

Carve Consulting only spent one and a half hour on configuring TimeLog. After a flying start, the company is now efficiently managed - with a minimum of time spent on administration.

DGE heads towards higher profit with real time overview of project finances

With real time overview of KPIs and project finances, DGE is able to focus on profitable business and steer clear of low-profit projects.

Important to track every part of a project

TimeLog has all the features Netplan needed to keep track of time and the quality assurance according to the ISO certification.


Business systems for entrepreneurs

Even though you are an entrepreneur, you can easily use professional business systems; the company Gluu is a living proof of that.