Time tracking customised to fit the global organisation

The global organisation

Key figures in real time

User friendly time tracking in many platforms that synchronises with the organisation’s other systems.

One of the biggest challenges for a global organisation is to see the organisation’s key figures in real time without waiting for the different entities to do their reporting.  To remain competitive, it is crucial to make quick decisions based on facts instead of gut feelings.

TimeLog can help you with this.

Make a global organisation local

As a global organisation, you can benefit from the department structure in TimeLog that can divide the organisation into more entities in different countries.  Here you easily collect data on the employee's time consumption in other departments, which makes it possible to invoice internally, settle resources, share knowledge and make activity based costing (ABC).

Being in the global market can be both time consuming and comprehensive in correlation with management on many currencies at once. With TimeLog currency functionality, you may create and manage projects in foreign currency depending on department and country, and you can make your reporting in different currencies, so each country get a feeling of a system meeting their needs.

Benefit from on cohesive system

With TimeLogs many integrations and our own API, you can get the feeling that the data transfer happens automatically between your different business systems from the beginning. Data can be transferred from TimeLog's via the Integration API and into your financial and order handling system without manual administration in your daily life.  We also offer standard integrations with leading salary and financial systems.

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