The IT company

The business system for the IT company

In the pursuit of the highest contribution ratio, TimeLog is as made for the IT consultants’ wish for minimal administration.

Your advantages with TimeLog

User friendly time tracking across platforms - online, desktop, mobile or integrated with Microsoft  Outlook

Minimal administration and improved cooperation between teams and departments 

Keep project economy on track with eight different contract types that gives you full financial overview

Get key economic figures and KPIs in real time including invoicing percentage and utilisation 

Time tracking for IT consultants

Greater return on projects and better estimation

With a strong tool for calculation and control of work in progress and reporting of real time data and key figures, you always have updated information available and can unify the project economy in one system.  This minimises the administration and gives a way better overview of the projects and progress, and enables you to meet deadlines.

Time tracking for IT consultants
Resource management IT companies

Manage your resources

When you are planning upcoming tasks, our resource management gives an overview of what resources are over-booked, and what resources have free capacity to take in new tasks.

Follow up on if the planned tasks have been carried out, or if extra, unexpected tasks push your deadlines. You get an overview per resource with the resource plannerand may e.g. choose if tasks should be moved to the next day/week.  In this way, no tasks are forgotten.

Resource management IT companies
TimeLog keeps track of the employees’ workload hour for hour for different customers, and we can follow every single project closely.
Thomas Albert CEO, Pentia Pentia

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Integration for other systems

TimeLog has its own API from where you can pull data to your other systems. Some IT companies e.g. use SCRUM-based tools and have the need for exporting projects from that system and import them in TimeLog.

We offer different standard integrations for e.g.: 

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How will you benefit from time tracking and project management for IT companies?

Right now you can get access to a full-functioning edition of TimeLog PSA for 30 days.

With Invoicing Basic you can:

  • Track time on web, mobile and desktop
  • Register vacation, flex, other absence, travels and expenses
  • Manage projects
  • Control invoicing on time & material
  • And much more 

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