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We have more than 1,000 companies as customers with +30,000 employees who use TimeLog every day.

Easy time tracking provides insight and transparency

"We chose TimeLog because the consultants found it easy to use and because the implementation itself was straightforward."

Peter Østerballe-Christensen,
CEO, Fellowmind

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94% user satisfaction after implementation

"TimeLog was the system that could solve most of our challenges and meet our requirements in terms of project management, time registration and the flow itself when sending an invoice."

Allan Hime-Laurberg,
Senior Business Partner, Inspari

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Streamlining timetracking boosted billing base

"Before, everyone recorded time in very different ways. But then we introduced rules on how to record time - a time recording paradigm - and together with new management focus, it increased the billing base 384% over 16 months."

Søren Anderberg,
CEO at VENZO_Analytics

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Standardised data has provided economic insights

"We've really had a great start using TimeLog. It's sparked a desire in people to get a handle on this stuff we came from. It's been a huge success that we've been able to generate interest in it."

Mads Hall,
Technical Director, KPR Towers

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User friendliness was crucial for time registration

"Our old system was a hassle to use. We lost a lot of time in the past as it was difficult to pull reports. It's much easier and better with TimeLog"

Maral Alaghi,
Head of IT Development, Chalmers

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Open API makes it easy to get data out of TimeLog

"The employees report on a daily basis in TimeLog and from there we manage all invoicing and data collection for all systems. TimeLog allows us to keep track of our employees' work hour by hour."

Thomas Albert,
CEO, Pentia

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The perfect solution for larger companies that want ease of use for employees and depth to do business intelligence and manage the complex organisation 


With TimeLog, you get a solution tailored to the unique needs of larger businesses to:

  • handle security,
  • tie the whole organisation together,
  • support all your business models
  • and gain visibility into the performance and finances of your entire business

- without a need to spend time to compile reports in Excel. 

We've also made TimeLog's time tracking and project management as easy as possible for each employee. These features give you reliable data for invoicing, project reporting and business intelligence.

All for far less than the cost of an ERP solution.

Get an easy and flexible solution and integrate your data where it adds most value

Best-of-breed solution PSA software: Avoid expensive enterprise software (ERP) with TimeLog

With TimeLog you're getting a best-of-breed Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

Unlike heavy and expensive ERP solutions that are built to handle business needs from A-Z, best-of-breed providers focus on being the best in their own domain.

Benefits of best-of-breed PSA software:

  • The best of all worlds. Use only the systems that work best for your business
  • No system maintenance costs
  • No cost of IT consultants and bespoke system setups
  • Integrations to the systems that work best for you

Download the complete guide to PSA software here

Professional Services Automation solutions continue to drive significant operational performance benefits, yielding higher revenue and profit for professional services organisations. The use of PSA is on the rise due to the need to better manage projects and resources, especially in more technical disciplines, as it has become increasingly difficult to find, hire, retain and deploy talent.
R. David Hofferberth, Founder and Managing Director, Service Performance Insight Research



TimeLog integrates to all your favourite solutions

API and integrations Easily extract all your data

Time tracking in TimeLog gives you a treasure trove of valuable data that shows you exactly how you perform, where you're making money and how you can optimise your business.

Open API for business intelligence

Extract your data with TimeLog's well-documented, open API that makes it easy for you to design your own repports in business intelligence solutions.

REST, Transactional and Reporting API

Whichever data you want to extract and what you want to use it for, we have APIs to meet your needs.

A wide catalogue of standard integrations

TimeLog is able to integrate with solutions such as Microsoft Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics and many other salary and finance systems. 

TimeLog integrates to all your favourite solutions



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Get a more transparent organisation with real time insights to optimise your workflows.

Streamline your processes with Timelog

Automation of workflows Get a more efficient organisation with streamlined processes

With TimeLog, you can assign roles to employees, allowing each employee to do their job while ensuring consistency across departments and functions.

Avoid indispensable "Jack of all trades"

With TimeLog, you can delegate responsibilities away from the finance function. For example, project managers can create invoice drafts for their projects or approve timesheets themselves.

Automate your processes

Make your business more efficient by automating invoicing, project reporting or billing models.

Read the blog: How to manage your consultancy’s finances using PSA software

Streamline your processes with Timelog
Get insights from the business

Insights into the whole company Get the critical insights you need without manual reporting

Strategising blindly is no more. TimeLog gives you crucial insights into your business.

Real time synchronisation

Data is always up to date and available to everyone in the company.

Automatic reporting

No more manually compiled reports. TimeLog gives you more than 80 standard reports in real time.

API and business intelligence

Our open API makes it easy for you to get all your data out to do business intelligence.

Insights on all levels

Detailed insights into the performance of customers, projects, departments, employees or legal entities within the business group.

Get insights from the business

The whole company benefits from TimeLog

Finance and administration

Automatic invoicing: Get rid of the need to manually compile cumbersome invoices with data from multiple systems.

Easy salary management: With simple time, absence and expense tracking, managing salary is a breeze - no matter how many employees you have.

Overview and key figures: Get a quick overview of your business, and instant access to accurate and up-to-date key figures.

See Timelog's benefits for a CFO


Insights for strategy: See which customers or projects are profitable and make informed strategic decisions.

Departmental, employee or individual company performance: See how individual teams perform, so you can adjust the business and optimise efforts.

Get better estimates for forecasting: Get the data and estimates you need from TimeLog to enable reliable forecasting.

See Timelog's benefits for a CEO

Project manager

Updated on project finances: No need to ask the finance team how the finances look on your project. With TimeLog, you're always up to date and can ensure better profits.

Easy project planning: Effortlessly plan projects or use project templates to create new projects with tasks, schedule, budget and staff.

Quickly allocate project team and hourly rates: Set your project team and get updated hourly rates, so you can easily create invoice schedules.


See Timelog's benefits for a project manager


Easy time, absence and expense tracking: Eliminate the time spent tracking and get accurate timesheets submitted effortlessly with TimeLog's mobile app.

Keep track of vacation and salary time: How much vacation do you have left? How much have you worked overtime? Get an easy overview.

How many hours can you bill?: You can see how many hours you can bill and how your billing rate looks.


See Timelog's benefits for a consultant

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Get a good overview of finances and projects - even if you have several legal entities in the same company group.

TimeLog supports your entire company group

Multiple Legal Entities (MLE) Do several companies work together in a group?

If you have offices in several countries, or are in a group with several independent legal entities, TimeLog Multiple Legal Entities (MLE) will give you financial visibility and overview.

Transparency across companies

See how each legal entity performs - right down to individual projects - so you get financial transparency and visibility across the group.

One system for the whole group with respect for local setups

With TimeLog MLE, each legal entity can keep the salary and finance systems they already use, while the whole company has one common solution for projects and project finances.

Use employees across companies

TimeLog MLE gives you full financial visibility when companies borrow employees from each other for projects.

Book a walkthrough of TimeLog Multiple Legal Entitites here

TimeLog supports your entire company group
Get a full overview of the finances

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Get a full overview of the finances and adjust continuously

Index your hourly rates easily

The annual indexation is usually a big task with a significant risk of error. With TimeLog you can easily index your hourly rates across the whole company on projects, customers or employees.

Current overview of work in progress

Track the value of all your ongoing projects with TimeLog's revenue tracking. This way you're able to react, if you don't make money on projects.

Automated invoicing proposals - One Click Invoicing

Use invoice templates to pull invoicing data from all projects and customers and create ready-to-use invoice templates instantly. With TimeLog, you can also manage your internal invoicing.

Easy management of payroll

TimeLog automates payroll administration and ensures all employees are paid correctly - including allowances and compensation - no matter how complex your payroll rules are.

Get a full overview of the finances
I can see which ongoing projects we are profiting from and which we are not. Before, we found out too late, if we weren't making money on a project. Now we can react immediately.
Jacob Olsen, CFO, Mølbak Landinspektører (1,700 current projects)
A project management tool to manage all your projects

PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND PROJECT FINANCES Execute complex projects and stay on top of the finances

Whether the project team is from multiple companies, the project has multiple customers or needs in-depth detailed planning, TimeLog supports every project.

Standardised project templates

In companies with many project teams, projects need to be executed according to standards. With project templates, you can standardise your projects - including budgets, staff and project plans.

Budget projects accurately

With automatically updated hourly rates, it's easy to budget projects accurately. Project managers can keep track of finances and adjust budgets if necessary.

All project information in one place

Avoid a tug of war between project managers, finance and management. With TimeLog, the relevant people always have access to all the necessary project information - including key figures and performance.

Include the customer in the project

Transparency and good dialogue is important when major projects run over a long period of time. With TimeLog's Extranet, your customers can keep track of progress and invoicing. You decide what they can access, of course.

A project management tool to manage all your projects
"I was surprised at how clever it was when we had all these fixed price deals. With that, it was convenient to have all these templates with payment plans and staffing plans. Then we can quickly see, if the project is worthwhile."
Mads Hald, Technical Director, KPR Towers

Want to know more?

Let us review your needs

Book a clarifying conversation with us.

During the conversation, you'll get clarification on your specific business needs. And we'll see if TimeLog could be a sensible match before we go any further in the dialogue.

Get the whole business safely implemented, at the pace that suits you best.


implementing larger enterprises

IMPLEMENTATION FOR LARGER ORGANISATIONS It's not even that difficult - fast and secure implementation

Scaling concept - from one unit to the whole organisation

Avoid rush in the very beginning. TimeLog can be scaled continuously as you want to spread its use across the business.

Import your data with our data importer

With our data importer, we can import relevant data from your existing solution(s) in a short time, so that you hit the ground running.

Well tested concept

We have developed a solid methodical approach through hundreds of implementations. We always adapt the concept to match your current needs.

Proof of concept

Try TimeLog on a limited part of your business before you decide to buy. This costs a small amount, which is deducted from the sales price, if you buy.

Test environment for continuous optimisation of your solution

If you want to test processes and workflows in your company - without risking destroying business data - you can try it out in a test environment specifically created for your company.

implementing larger enterprises
TimeLog has obtained the ISAE 3000 and 3402 reports

Safety and certification Improve data security in your organisation

With TimeLog, your security is guaranteed. We have extensive security models, and our systems and organisation are regularly reviewed by independent auditors.

ISAE 3000 and 3402 reports

TimeLog has earned the ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 reports, which document our standards in IT security, IT infrastructure and GDPR compliance. The reports are updated annually by external, independent auditors. This means your data is safe with us.

24/7 surveillance and back-up of your data

We monitor your data around the clock - all year round. In the event of a server crash, back-up files are stored in a secondary data centre. Even in the event of a total outage, this ensures minimal data loss of no more than one hour.

Single Sign On

If you have Mricosoft Azure AD or ADFS, we offer Single Sign On to TimeLog for greater security and ease of use.

TimeLog has obtained the ISAE 3000 and 3402 reports

At TimeLog, your business is in good hands

Our Customer Success team ensures that support and guidance is never more than a phone call away. It's free for every employee in your company.

  • 100% free support in Danish, Swedish, German and English
  • We're available via phone, e-mail and chat
  • Customers give our support team a 96% customer satisfaction rating
  • Extensive video catalogue, which means employees can learn the system's functions themselves


On average, our customers stay with us for more than 9 years.

That's because, at TimeLog, you're treated like a partner. We listen to your needs and consult you when we develop the system.

We're with you every step of the way and make sure you use the system to its full potential and optimise your business.

I love TimeLog's chat feature. And the support team is really competent.
Christina Deela, Coordinator, Fellowmind (380 users)