"TimeLog makes it simple for us to use different payment models"

The Swedish IT consultancy company Infozone switched to TimeLog to make it easier and more efficient to invoice projects on the basis of multiple payment models

It’s wonderful that TimeLog is so flexible, not only when it comes to administrating payment models, but generally speaking as well. Our invoicing routines are much more efficient now.
Olga Baradzinskaya CFO at Infozone

Infozone employs around 50 people at its offices in Stockholm, Örebro and Lund in Sweden, and in the United States. Before switching to TimeLog in early 2021, the company used another well-known online solution for time registration.

“However, our previous system couldn’t handle our new payment models – and it actually had difficulty processing standard subscriptions as well. It was tiresome to have to invoice the same price every month simply because the invoicing documentation wasn’t generated automatically,” relates Olga Baradzinskaya.

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Infozone works with a range of payment models

Infozone's principal payment model is time & material, but the consultancy company sometimes also works with prepaid hours, subscription services and fixed price assignments where X hours of consultancy are included in the price and any additional hours are invoiced on an ongoing basis.

“Using TimeLog allows us to divide up the contracts so that the first ten hours, say, are included in the price, while all hours after that are billable separately. With our previous system, it was a real headache when we mixed fixed price assignments with a time & material model in this way. We switched to TimeLog because the system is extremely adaptable, and thanks to this flexibility we can process all new payment models quickly and efficiently,” says Olga Baradzinskaya.

Olga also appreciates the fact that TimeLog sends a clear alert when a set of prepaid hours has been used up, so that the company can start invoicing new hours.

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Easy to correct errors and to move hours in TimeLog

"Another thing I love is that TimeLog is a modern, user-friendly system, which means that if you make a mistake, it's easy to correct it. If you made a mistake in our old system. there was no way you could sort it out yourself and then send the invoicing documentation to the bookkeeping program."

The TimeLog system also makes it a lot easier to move incorrectly registered hours between projects, as Olga Baradzinskaya explains.

“We really appreciate this feature, and TimeLog also comes with all kinds of excellent reports. For example, while we use the BI solution we developed ourselves for analyses, we also make extensive use of the ‘Internal/external analysis’ feature in TimeLog, which provides a solid overview of current status at all times. The holiday calendar is excellent, too, and we use that often. Generally speaking, it’s much easier now to generate the reports and the data we need.”

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All invoicing information is carried over to Fortnox

Infozone uses TimeLog for time registration, reporting expenses, payroll management, invoicing documentation and a variety of reports. TimeLog features integration with the payroll system via Visma Lön and the ERP system Fortnox. 

“We’re delighted with the automation that the integration between TimeLog and Fortnox provides. It was remarkably simple to link the two systems together using the API. All invoicing information – including customer, project and cost centre – is carried over, which naturally translates into time saved when issuing invoices from Fortnox,” says Olga Baradzinskaya.

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"TimeLog listens to its customers´veiws and needs"

The function for transferring the cost centre - i.e. defining which employees have actually done the work - is something TimeLog developed on the basis of a request from Infozone, and is now available to all the company's customers

“This function is important to us because we follow up on our cost centres via our BI tool. TimeLog listens to its customers’ views and needs – and provides an excellent response. TimeLog is constantly developing its systems and solutions, and this is really important to us,” concludes Olga Baradzinskaya.

About Infozone

Infozone is a firmly established IT consultancy that primarily works with cloud services, IT infrastructure, Business intelligence(BI) and system development. The company employs around 50 people at its offices in Stockholm, Örebro, and Lund, Sweden, and in the United States.

Infozone focuses clearly on the success of its customers and the well-being of its employees, and builds on three core elements: people, the workplace and technology.

Visit the Infozone website to find out more about the company: