How do you use TimeLog? 

We put in all the time and all the consultants' expenses. Then I invoice and send it over to Fortnox, and I get all the project hours and costs. We also use TimeLog to make the salary documents
Lena Jonsson Founder & CEO Wermkon

"I use the reports to find out the actual figures for how the projects are doing and to analyze if there is anything I can do if a project's contribution margin is not good enough." 

Why did you switch to TimeLog? 

"The system we used before did not work very well. I didn't get the numbers for the invoices and salaries for the consultants – I had to do a lot manually, says Lena Jonsson. 

And if we had an approved timesheet, the consultant could edit it afterward. And that is not good at all, of course." 

What are the benefits of TimeLog? 

"I save a lot of time on invoicing and salaries. I have crossed out my evenings, and that says a lot. I can do everything in a couple of hours now.

TimeLog is integrated with Fortnox, which we use for finance and payroll. I just asked the Fortnox support team how to set up the integration with TimeLog, and since then, it's been working – it has never messed up.

It is impossible to edit the timesheets after they have been approved because they become locked. 

TimeLog gives us more control. The reports are very useful. Sometimes you might think that projects are really profitable just because they turn over a lot of money, but that might not be the case. 

It has become much better for the consultants as well. They get an overview when they put in their time, so they know how much they have put in in terms of time." 

Why did you choose TimeLog and not another solution? 

"Because of the reports, that it works well with Fortnox, that the price is good, and that I have no desire to adapt a system that should be ready to use out of the box." 

Do you have any advice for other businesses like yours? 

"You have to simplify things. You often want to measure 20 different things, but you should start by thinking, 'Do I really need to measure 20 different things?' You can get so much information that you don't know how to handle it. 

You should start by thinking, 'What kind of information do I need to be able to run my business?' And then you can start with the next step when you have mastered the first step." 

Would you recommend TimeLog to other companies? 

"Yes, I have already done that," says Lena Jonsson.