IT Consultancy

Xedis is a dynamic company founded by experienced service delivery managers and project managers advising companies to set-up, structure and operate their IT services and organisation. As other consultant businesses within the IT sector, their consultants work on many different projects and need to be able to do time tracking both in-house and at clients locations.

Since we started to use TimeLog, we have access to all our key figures 24/7 and they 100% match the information we need.
Johan Debruyne Partner at Xedis

A range of seperate systems led to errors

An old database with an internally developed system for time tracking and a range of other systems to manage the project planning, invoicing, CRM and other processes, made it difficult for Xedis to access the right and full information which led to mistakes.

On that basis, Xedis decided to look for a new system that could meet their need for remote access to time tracking, and on top of that a solution that incorporated most of the business processes in a single system.

“We needed a more professionalised system you can say, but not a heavy one, because we are not that big a company. So we looked for a solution that made time tracking and invoicing possible, and as we do some project work it would be useful if that was integrated in the solution too,” explains Geert Vansteenkiste, Managing Partner.

Few products made the cut 

“We found that only a few products were able to meet the needs for our type of business (consultancy projects, being a mix of fixed price and time and material projects). TimeLog was one of them.

Another decisive factor was the need for a tool which was easy to use (even for our contractors) and always available (even for consultants who are abroad or in other countries),” tells Johan Debruyne, Managing Partner.

Overview and 24/7 access to all key figures

“For Xedis, TimeLog is the core tool for our management and of our administration. Since we started using TimeLog , we certainly feel that we have access to all our key figures 24/7 and that they reflect our key information 100%. This allows us to monitor and manage our company better and much faster than before,” tells Johan Debruyne.

Compared to earlier, time registering is much quicker now and we get the prognoses for how the forecast looks like for the organisation much quicker. And it is the same with invoicing, it's faster, more effective and efficient. At the moment TimeLog fulfills our needs and we use it on a daily basis which works quite well. The main point is that everything is in a central system, we use it as much as we can, and if we run into problems we use TimeLog’s Support where we get the help we need.
Johan Debruyne Partner at Xedis

“Altogether this means that our situation has improved considerably today compared to before using TimeLog. Also, we had no problems with the implementation process, even though it was a remote installation followed by a remote training session. TimeLog’s Service Department handled it fine, and our latest upgrade went fine.” 

Security - an important issue

Another important aspect for Xedis was the security of the system and the data in it. The fact that data in TimeLog is secured but always available, even if something goes wrong and the system should crash was crucial:

“We wanted a secure system where we are able to access data all the time. This we can do with a web-based product such as TimeLog,” tells Johan Debruyne and is supplemented by Geert Vansteenkiste:

“We wanted to keep track of contact info, CRM, follow up, the sales pipeline and features like that. For that purpose SAP is way too heavy for our size and the fact that TimeLog could do this based on the registered data from time tracking was decisive for our choice of proceeding with TimeLog.

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