About TimeLog | How we can help your consulting business evolve

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How TimeLog helps your business evolve

We help professional services organisations evolve

Optimise your business processes from quote to cash — with TimeLog's software for professional services automation and our personal touch...

Our cloud based PSA solution combined with a personal touch from every TimeLogger lets you optimise every process from quote to cash, and gives you the insights to evolve your business.

When people's time and knowledge is your product, having the right solutions to manage your projects, resources, time and billing is key to taking your consultancy to the next level.

TimeLog is built for professional services organisations, who want an easy-to-use integrated standard solution with advanced features for managing and automating the processes involved in turning your consultant’s expertise into the highest possible profit.

Imagine a world where…

  • your profitability increase
  • you know exactly what your time is worth
  • you can make strategic decisions based on data instead of gut feelings
  • you can focus 100% on the clients and projects that add real value to your business
  • you have complete overview of project financials down to the individual project, customer, department and employee

Anyone can grow – we want to see you evolve

TimeLog’s solution is built to grow as your business evolves — and that is exactly what our customers do.

“Time and again, we have witnessed our clients starting a maturity journey — growing not just in terms of size or revenue, but also in professionalism and maturity. Seeing the transition that happens, when they learn the actual value of their time and expertise; when they begin to tune their business accordingly, boosting project margins, saying yes to the right clients and no to the wrong ones… — that’s why we exist!” Søren Lund, Founder of TimeLog and Head of Enterprise

So, what’s the secret sauce, we serve with your TimeLog-solution?

We believe in the personal engagement with each of our customers.

Knowing you and your business is important to us. It enables us to help you optimise and evolve your business, so you can explore the full potential.

So, when we say, we want to see you evolve, we mean that very literally, and every TimeLogger is invested in helping you make that happen.

Here are a few of our initiatives to support you throughout your journey:

  • Onboarding & implementation services
  • Unlimited free support — through chat, email, phone and Messenger
  • Facilitated networking and knowledge sharing groups among our clients
  • Numerous integrations and more being developed all the time
  • Inhouse team of developers who work tirelessly to give you more and better features
  • Annual conference
  • User training
  • Webinars
  • Interactive guides
  • Inspirational seminars
  • Online help center, blog, e-books, whitepapers & email newsletters with hands on tips & inspiration to exploit all the possibilities that TimeLog brings your organisation

Of course, your journey begins much sooner — with deciding which solution is right for you. This part of the process is just as important, and we want you to be in good hands.

At TimeLog you will find experienced business consultants, who value giving sound business advice rather than making a quick sale. If they feel that TimeLog is not the right fit for your business, they will point you towards another solution that better suits your needs.

Get even more value with the TimeLog Ecosystem

Improve your workflows and free more of your valuable time from repetitive administrative tasks.

TimeLog integrates with financial systems, ERPs, payroll, expense management systems and more. Take a closer look at our integrations, and feel free to get in touch, if you feel we are missing an integration that is important to you.

TimeLog in short

  • Started in 2001 in a small basement by two Danish entrepreneurs, Søren Lund and Jakob Mikkelsen
  • Today we’re +40 happy TimeLoggers
  • Offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm & Kuala Lumpur
  • Customers in +15 countries
  • More than 22.000 daily users
Time and again we have witnessed our clients starting a maturity journey — growing not just in terms of size or revenue, but also in professionalism and maturity.
Søren Lund
Founder, Head of Enterprise