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How TimeLog helps your business evolve

20 years of experience

TimeLog PSA is targeted at consulting and advisory companies who aim high and have the ambition to develop their business and optimise internal workflows all the way from the initial contract to the final invoice. 

Insight comes before optimisation 

A basement in Denmark. Two entrepreneurs have an idea: They want to make the world's best time tracking tool. 

When you own a company in which the employees' time and knowledge is your product, it's crucial that you both know how that time is spent and have the tools you need so that you can use that time better. When we came up with the idea, that tool did not exist - so we decided to create it.
Søren Lund Founder & Executive Business Developer at TimeLog
Time tracking and PSA software

From the world's best time tracking tool to the world's best PSA software

Over the past 20 years, TimeLog has grown. From a basement to offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Malaysia. From the goal to create the world's best time tracking tool to wanting to be the world's best Professional Services Automation (PSA) software.

And we're not nearly finished growing. Or dreaming.

Time tracking and PSA software

Time is our focal point. Time is not only a part of our DNA, but our unique data modeling system too, which means that for every hour you register, you gain insight into your business so that:

  • You know exactly what each hour is worth
  • You can make decisions based on data instead of gut feelings
  • You can focus 100% on the customers and projects that really add value to your business
  • You have a complete overview of project finances - all the way down to the individual project, customer, department, or employee

The result? Your profit increases and you gain control of your business.

That's why TimeLog PSA is at the heart of 800 + companies' business globally.

'Discount offers' no longer steal the profit

RackPeople no longer lose profit to underestimated quotes thanks to TimeLog. As a bonus, they went from 70 to 99.9% invoicing of customer projects.

The CFO can fine-tune the business

Mølbak can see the value creation on ongoing projects and make ongoing adjustments.

”I see for which ongoing projects we make money, and for which we don’t,” says CFO Jacob Olsen.


The CEO gains full overview of the core business

Sandgrav gets a good overview of key figures and saves a full day every month doing invoices.

How can we help you get started?

At TimeLog, we see you as a partner, and our success is based on more than 20 years of insight into workflows, processes, and challenges in consulting and advisory companies.

Here are a few of our initiatives to support you throughout your journey:

Get started with TimeLog in just one day!

Our history

TimeLog is founded

Two entrepreneurs have an idea. "We're going to create the world's best time registration tool!". 

The tool should bridge the gap that exists in the consulting industry: A single system that makes it possible to document your time, that is easy to use and that provides insight into the business. 

2 + 1 = ❤

TimeLog welcomes our first employee: Christoffer Lanstorp.

He is fortunately still here and has gone all the way from developer to team lead to Head of Product Management today.

We pop the cork!

... As we welcome our first 100 customers.

We will rock you!

TimeLog establishes itself as a market leader in Denmark within SaaS-based time tracking.

Go East

We join forces with Malaysia's best developers and open an office in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

The Danish Vikings occupy their neighbours

There are ten candles on the birthday cake!

We open an office in Stockholm. From here, we help customers with everything from consulting to sales and implementation.

As fast as lightning: Gazelle of the Year

We humbly receive the Børsen Gazelle Prize, which honours Denmark's fastest growing companies.

Victory dance for the new user interface

We throw our arms in the air in celebration and smile from ear to ear.

TimeLog is relaunched with a brand new design and a completely new user experience.

Cake buy me love 

We break our cake record. Our belts pop with a record number of 83 cakes consumed in the office (not counting the goodies in the canteen) - primarily strawberry tarts and chocolate cakes.

That’s an average of 1.6 cakes a week.

Now we're giving you the whole toolbox

TimeLog transforms from a time registration tool to a best of breed Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. New features and products also see the light of day.

From all of us to all of you

We introduce a free version of TimeLog: Time.

Time is targeted at smaller businesses who want to gain control of working hours, but don't need project management or invoicing systems.

Practice what you preach

TimeLog ushers in a new era including a new CEO, even greater focus on customers and focused goal management.

Never gonna give you up!

40 of our customers have been with us for 15 years. We celebrate our crystal anniversary with cake, kisses and hugs.

Entrepreneur Of The Year

TimeLog is nominated for EY's "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

Ceelebrate good times, come on

The Nordic region's leading software investor, Viking Venture, has invested € 10 million in TimeLog. New adventures are on the way.

TimeLog turns 20!
It all started in a basement where two entrepreneurs got the idea of making the world’s best time tracking tool. Today, we are +70 employees, have +800 customers and offices in three countries. Oh, time really flies when you have fun!

TimeLog in short in 2021

+70 happy TimeLoggers

+24,200 active users

+24.100.000 registered hours

+100.000 new projects