TimeLog CRM

Easy management of your customer's lifecycle

Manage your sales process

Give your sales staff the tools they need to work efficiently and maintain customer relations. Get an overview of each salesperson’s figures as well as the company pipeline.

TimeLog CRM is designed to facilitate selling processes and in-house customer data sharing. This allows sales staff, marketing assistants and consultants to easily create viable, long-term customer relations.

Customer data, history, sales, offers and pipeline are pivotal elements in TimeLog CRM, which offers easy management of every stage of a customer’s lifecycle.

Improve your sales

The TimeLog CRM data structure offers ample sales analysis features, providing you with a clear view of which business areas to focus on in order to improve your results.

Are you a sales manager looking for the statistics on how many meetings and offers lead to new customers? How many scheduled meetings are cancelled? Which salespersons have the highest meeting attendance? Or which key leads have yet to make a decision?

With TimeLog CRM, you can unlock the full potential of your sales staff to highlight business areas where there is room for improvement.

"Everything we do – giving quotes, calling the customer, follow up, loggings and so on – we do through TimeLog CRM. This is an extremely good way of creating consistency in our consultancy."
Torben Rune CEO at Netplan

Individual and shared pipelines

TimeLog CRM helps each salesperson maintain their own opportunity portfolio, while providing management with a clear view of the company pipeline. Illustrating both current sales and weighted prognoses for upcoming sales, the pipeline is a highly useful tool for sales staff and management alike.

Clear follow-ups on leads and customers

Sales staff always have their work cut out. That’s why having the right tool help you remember customer appointments, deadlines etc. is crucial. With TimeLog CRM’s event management feature, you will never miss another meeting or offer.