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Our consultants thought it was easy to use and integrate, which is why we chose TimeLog.
Peter Østerballe-Christensen CEO Fellowmind

Do you feel like time tracking can be redundant sometimes?

Integrating TimeLog with Jira brings a range of solutions tailored to your needs, including:

  • Elimination of redundant time tracking in both Jira and TimeLog, streamlining the process.
  • Accurate and updated hours in TimeLog, addressing any lack of tracking or visibility.
  • Comprehensive overview for project managers, showcasing the hours spent by developers and other Jira users in TimeLog.
  • Unlocking the financial project management capabilities in TimeLog, benefiting PMs and management.

Eliminate your administrative tasks with automated workflows.

Easy to set up: You only have to download Timelog from Atlassian app store 

Get all the reporting you need from the time tracked

You don't have to change existing workflows or processes in your current work

A new way of time tracking Eliminate redundant time tracking

Streamline your workflow with automated data flow between Jira and TimeLog PSA. Say goodbye to tracking time in multiple systems, eliminate manual updates, and have complete confidence in the precision and real-time accuracy of your data, effortlessly synchronized between Jira and TimeLog.

Gain more control 100% overview and control of projects

Get full overview of all your project data in TimeLog:

  • Updated budget
  • Invoicing information 
  • Control of customer agreements.  

Do you have any questions about the Jira integration, or would you like to arrange a personal walk-through?

Price and version

  • The Jira Cloud integration costs 4€ per license/month 
  • Requires Growth plan or above
  • The integration has been developed together with an Atlassian Partner

Support and setup

The installation guide in our help center

Get started today

  • Already a customer? Log in to start setting up the integration
  • Try TimeLog for 30 days
  • Need assistance? Contact Customer Success

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