Get started with the integration to NAV

Thanks to standardised procedures, it is easy to get started and the integration can be set up within a few weeks.

To ensure our customers the best possible experience throughout the process, we at TimeLog make sure to do a thorough clarification of your needs before we get started. Hereafter, we lay out a plan and make sure that the integration is up and running as quickly as possible, while you focus your energy on your core business.

How to get started:

  1. Contact TimeLog Support to hear more about the opportunities.
  2. If we move on in the process, we agree a meeting with you and your NAV partner for further needs clarification If you do not have a partner, TimeLog’s partner Abakion can help in this process. 
  3. We make a thorough analysis of your existing NAV installation together with your partner.
  4. The analysis price the integration and describes the solution based on your individual NAV setup. We check if you need extra customisations based on your existing setup, or if our standard component is exactly what you need.
  5. Hereafter, you are contacted by your NAV supplier to clarify how to proceed.
  6. A test environment is set up to test the integration before it is linked to the integration component, which is installed on your own server and is the link between the two systems.
  7. You now get a determined deadline to test the solution and get ready to set up the integration and go into production.
  8. When you declare the solution for thoroughly tested, the real integration is installed and tested on your own server, and then we go live.

Developed in cooperation with experts

TimeLog has developed the integration package together with the leading NAV development house Abakion, which has several years of experience in developing and selling applications to Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

In the agreement between the two partners and TimeLog, TimeLog is the project manager for the implementation, which includes contact to both your and our partners and the overall project management throughout the entire process, which is included in the price.

If you do not use a NAV partner already, our partner can help you through the integration process, when you need help to go through your existing setup of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

If you need professional feedback or input before you make the final decision, please feel free to contact us for more information or advice. TimeLog’s integration specialists will be ready to help you throughout the entire process.