Get the best tools for your business

Expect updated data which give you a true picture of your business, so you can save time on administration.

Financial systems seldom go well with day to day planning, task follow up, progress reports and value calculation on long-term projects. By separating central functions in two systems, it is easy for both the finance department and project managers to spent their time in the best possible way and easily exchange data.

Free the project manager from the chart of accounts

The project management module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is based on the finance system’s chart of accounts and can limit the project manager’s freedom to manage the daily tasks within the project’s framework, both when it comes to the finances and tasks.

When letting the project managers use TimeLog for project management, they can break down and manage their projects without considering the chart of accounts in the financial system. In other words, it is no longer necessary to understand the financial system's logic to create projects.

Focus your attention on the time

In a project management system like TimeLog, there is focus on time tracking and financial project management, and not chart of accounts or the financial statements. Therefore, the daily workflow is supported for all parties and eases the task management. At the same time, it is easier for both the project manager and project member to keep up to date on project progress and financial status. Together with TimeLog’s many different time tracking clients, the time tracking can get as precise as possible, when the tools fit the work style of each employee.

Save time on the processes

When the project manager has approved the employees’ time and the hours are invoiced in TimeLog, the invoices are transferred to Microsoft Dynamics NAV as invoice drafts, where the finance department can add more services and book them.

When invoices are transferred from TimeLog to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can balance the invoices between the two systems. The transferred invoices are listed makes it possible to compare the invoice in the two systems, and potential differences are clearly marked. In this way, it is easy for the bookkeeper and project manager to make sure that everything is as it should be.

The project managers will therefore manage their tasks in TimeLog and at the same time get more tools for professional project management, and the finance department can follow the normal procedures in the financial system without manual transfer of data.