Connect Zenegy with TimeLog

This is how Zenegy works with TimeLog

With this integration, you avoid double work related to entry of salary data in the salary system. The employees have already registered their work time, absence, mileage and other expenses in TimeLog, so you can easily transfer all data to Zenegy, and the payroll process only takes a fraction of the time you have spent until now.

  • The employees track time, absence, mileage and expenses in TimeLog
  • Create employees in Zenegy
  • Mark the salary information you would like to transfer from TimeLog to Zenegy
  • Select the salary period and transfer data

The employees easily get an overview of their flex account and absence in TimeLog, and by integrating with Zenegy, they can get an overview of salary and mileage in Zenegy’s employee app.

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Why use Zenegy?

  • Save time on the salary administration
  • Minimise errors when entering the employees’ salary, mileage and absence
  • Get a complete overview of the salary administration
  • Provide the employees’ access to their own salary data via the Zenegy app

 This integration requires:

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