Up-to-date with project progress

TimeLog's ETC function allows the project manager to be up-to-date with project progress.

ETC is an abbreviation of "Estimated Time to Complete" and gives the project manager an indication of when the individual assignments on a project are projected to be finalised by the project members.

This allows the project manager to gain valuable insight into project progress and thereby to conduct proactive project management, ensuring ongoing attendance to any budget variances. In addition, the project members are more committed to reaching their own time estimates.

ETC allows you to predict an exact deadline

The ETC function makes it possible for the project manager to define a realistic deadline which proves correct.

Upon project launch, the project members state their estimated time consumption for each assignment to which they have been assigned. Subsequently, the project manager compares his/her own estimates with those of his/her employees and is subsequently able to present a realistic deadline and time budget to the customer prior to contract signature.

Once you have developed excellence in estimating your time consumption prior to contract signature, the outcome will be realistic deadlines, fewer unpleasant surprises and ultimately a much higher contribution ratio on the projects.

Always updated on project progress

As the project progresses, the project manager may keep track of the project members' Estimated time to Completion (ETC) on their assignments, giving an indication of the overall Estimated time to Completion of the project. If the project manager, as the project progresses, establishes that the work will be of longer or shorter duration than anticipated, he/she may easily adjust the project's total time budget and subsequently provide the customer with an updated estimate.

Knowledge sharing centre

TimeLog’s ETC function is an important tool of communication for project managers and project members, as the system serves as a centre for sharing information on project progress. Accordingly, all employees possess the same level of information, ensuring that they all work towards the same goal.

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