Manage your resources

With a clear view of employee workloads, scheduling projects and deadlines is easy.

For most companies, getting an accurate view of current resource loads during peak periods is extremely difficult. Using TimeLog for time tracking and project management, your company’s project management and workload is automatically calculated in real time – and tied in with project schedules and budgets. No more guessing and no more complex spreadsheets! TimeLog helps you schedule efficiently.

View resource loads while scheduling

When you create new projects, you can immediately see the workloads of linked employees for the duration of the project, making it easier to decide whether to reallocate events to others or to allocate more resources.

A personal, hourly budget for each project assignment and for each employee is key to obtaining the most valuable and precise view of the company’s workload. TimeLog then calculates the future workload of each individual resource, taking into account already completed work, holidays, scheduled days off and normal employee working hours.

Easily (re)schedule resources

TimeLog's Resource Planner is the ideal tool for getting a clear view of company resources in an Excel-like format, making editing and resource allocation a breeze. The resource coordinator gets an instant overview of total workloads at employee or organisation level for any given period.

View earnings potentials as amounts

In addition to showing the distribution of hours on events and projects, the resource planner retrieves data from hourly rates on projects. This means that you can instantly see the financial consequences of resource planning in the next period shown as total potential earnings.

Read or see how ProActive uses TimeLog to get an overview over how the single employee performs.

Resource management through your calendar

Future events in your calendar are registered in the resource planner in TimeLog. It secures a more accurate occupancy rate and provides you with the full overview. See more about resource planning through your Outlook calendar.

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