Release notes in TimeLog

October 2023 - Release notes

TimeLog, 20 November 2023

Updated Desktop tracker

Our Desktop tracker have been updated. You can now use Timestamps, and close your timesheet directly in the tracker. Unfortunately, some may not have gotten these updates automatically. 

For an updated Desktop tracker, please uninstall your current Desktop tracker, and then install the new version by following this guide. You only need to do this once.

Released in: All TimeLog Desktop trackers.

Two new front page widgets for the Project manager

The new widgets are:

- Registered absence

- Project tasks completion

Project task completion shows hours budgeted vs. hours registered per project. The difference will be the completion rate. Registered absence shows planned absence for employees allocated to the project(s) of the Project manager.

Read more about the new widgets, and how to turn them on here.

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise (only as preview feature).


Technical updates

- Codebase restructuring: TimeLog have restructured the codebase to make it more efficient and streamlined. 

- Testing tools upgrade: TimeLog have transitioned from Cypress to Playwright for our end-to-end testing, providing better testing capabilities. 

- Modern build tool: TimeLog's frontend code builder, Create React App, has been replaced with the faster and more modern tool, Vite. This change was necessary as Create React App is no longer actively maintained. 


These changes have brought about some exciting benefits: 

- TimeLog have significantly improved the speed and efficiency of our development environment. 

- TimeLog developers will find it much easier to set up their development environments and start working on new projects. 

- TimeLog have reduced our build pipeline times from a maximum of 1 hour and 15 minutes to just 37 minutes, saving valuable time. 

September 2023 - Release notes

TimeLog, 27 October 2023

New front page widgets for Project managers

TimeLog provides accurate and relevant widgets, which gives the Project manager direct insight into the state of the projects. We have focused on areas, where project performance is threatened and insights are hard to find.

With widgets, you get quick access and an accessible overview of essential data, such as Monthly invoices, Average hourly rate, Completion of project tasks and Absence plans. When they are turned ON in Preview features, they will become visible on the front page of your TimeLog system. This feature is only for users with a Project manager role and rights, and additionally, you must have project privileges.

Read more about the widgets, and how to turn them on here.

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise (only as preview feature).


New automatic exchange rate handling

All new demo sites will be using a new currency handling logic. This means that their currency handling will be centralized and consistent, instead of the more cumbersome per project model. This is the first step in the roll out of a new currency handling logic for all customers.

The new currency handling functionality handles exchange rates over periods instead of doing it per project and invoice.

What is currency periods?
Exchange rates changes every period, and by default an exchange period is one month long.

DKK to SEK in August will use the rate 1,59
DKK to SEK in September will use the rate 1,61

You will hear more about the new currency handling logic, when we roll it out for all customers.

Released in: TimeLog PSA demo.


Zendesk integration

You can now find TimeLog as an app in Zendesk marketplace. Proventic has built a TimeLog integration for Zendesk. The integration is supported by Proventic, but can be used by TimeLog customers.

Please feel free to contact Proventic for more information at

Released in: All TimeLog plans.

July & August 2023 - Release notes

TimeLog, 10 October 2023

Notification center for the manager on the front page

The feature helps the user (if your system role is manager) to get a better overview of the daily/weekly administrative tasks. You can find it under preview features, where you can also turn it on. Read more here.
To be able to use it, your TimeLog site must have approval activated, and the users must have approval privileges activated on their role.

Additionally, if the front page is not your start page after login, you can change this in the System administration -> Profile & preferences -> Personal system settings. Then you get the overview of the notification center straight away, and know imidiately if you need to take action.  

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise.


Outlook performance update

We have updated the existing time tracker in Outlook, so it performs better. For more information read about time tracking in Outlook here, or in the help center here.

If you would like to get started with tracking in Outlook, contact TimeLog's Customer success department at +45 70 200 645 or email us at

Released in: Outlook add-on module.


Close your timesheet from Desktop tracker

With the newest update it is possible to close your timesheet from the Desktop tracker.

When you click the submit button, the system will auto-fill the start date and end date of the current week. If you want to start using the desktop tracker, read more about how to get started in the help center.

Released in: TimeLog for Desktop version 1.0.38


Shortcut F2 for Super search

You can now activate the Super search with the shortcut F2. The shortcut has been missing in the TimeLog PSA versions, but is now back.

Released in: All TimeLog plans. 


Learning site

You can now get your own personal Learning site.

What is a Learning site?  

  • A Learning site is perfect for training new employees or testing a new setup in TimeLog PSA. The site will be identical to your normal TimeLog site, but you can make changes without interfering with your actual TimeLog site and mess up the actual data.
  • A Learning site is not only a one-time copy of the your TimeLog site, but can be updated/refreshed once a week with a fresh copy of your data.
  • It is a security for you, so that you can try out and explore the system without making changes or errors on your real TimeLog site.
  • Read more about a learning site in our help center here.

If you want to learn more, you can contact TimeLog's Customer success department at +45 70 200 645 or email us at

Released in: All TimeLog PSA plans. 

June 2023 - Release notes

TimeLog, 07 July 2023

Jira Cloud App

If departments in your organisation work in Jira Cloud, they can benefit from our new TimeLog Cloud App, where time registrations are automatically transferred from Jira to TimeLog as a time registration. When you create a work log in Jira, it is transferred to TimeLog as a time registration. 

The integration is set up from Atlassian Market - contact TimeLog's Customer success department at +45 70 200 645 or email us at, then we will gladly help you set it up. Read more here. 

For a detailed guide, read more here.

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise.


Timestamps for web and Desktop Tracker

With Timestamps, all tasks will have a start and end time. Furthermore, you can input a start time, and then use the stopwatch function to track time. The manager can activate the feature, and make it mandatory for selected users on their employee card. Timestamps will tell you the exact time that the activity was worked on. It helps you to comply with the 11-hour rest rule, and to see if your employees are working outside of normal working hours. Read more here.

Released in: All TimeLog PSA plans.


Mobile app performance improvements

The update includes enhanced performance, bug fixes, stability improvements, strengthened security, and future-proofing measures. Users can expect a smoother and more seamless experience while using the app, with fewer disruptions and unexpected behaviors. The app's security measures have been reinforced to protect user data and future-proofing measures ensure its alignments with evolving technological advancements.

Released in: Android and iOS.

May 2023 - Release notes

TimeLog, 19 June 2023

Internal information 

On our new front page in Design 7, we have created an internal information box. You can use it for internal messages and intranet. 

Only system admins can edit, and this right should automatically be activated on the system admin role. 

If you have customized Roles and rights, you might need to check of the right. Go to System administration -->Employees --> User roles and rights management --> Edit the role -->General settings --> Privileges --> check the box under 'The user can create and edit messages on the TimeLog front page' --> save. 



Released in: All TimeLog PSA plans. 


Super search employee navigation 

You can now search for employees using Super search at the top of your TimeLog page. When you click the search result, you are directly taken to the employee card.  

New resource planner

Read more about the new resource planner here!

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise

March 2023 - Release notes 

TimeLog, 14 April 2023

Improved exchange rate 

  • We have made it easier for everyone to register expenses, allowances, and travel with an improved exchange rate in the TimeLog system. 

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise. 



  • German Datev Lohn und Gehalt salary integration is now a free add-on in the plans belove. Read morehere.  

Released in: TimeLog PSA plan Growth, Professional and Enterprise. 


Service & help 

  • French is now a system language in TimeLog. You can select French in the System administration -> Profile & preferences -> Personal system settings. The changes are made in order to adhere to French law, and give a better user experience for enterprises with a French entity. 
  • Released in: All TimeLog plans. 
  • Dutch terminology is updated. If you have Dutch as system language, you will experience changes to the key terminology. This update is done to align Dutch terminology, and give a better user experience for our Dutch users. You can find a list of the changes below.

Released in: All TimeLog plans.