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Get time tracking and invoicing for consultants 

TimeLog is for consultancies that wish to replace internal solutions and excel sheets with a professional business system. Time is money, especially for consultants who live of selling their time. To invoice as much external time as possible, the daily paperwork must be at a minimum. 


Your advantages with TimeLog

Easy cross platform time tracking that captures all your time spend across multiple clients and projects 

Financial project management including automated project invoicing and invoicing

Advanced analyses of revenue, efficiency, productivity, bonus basis and coefficient of utilization in real time

Better cooperation across teams and departments with less administration and better resource planning 

Time tracking for consultants

Time tracking for consultants across platforms

Get time tracking adapted to fit consultants needs and working habits. No matter if you prefer to track time online, via the app, desktop or integrated with Outlook, we automatically collect all hour registrations in one system.

This gives the consultancy a full overview of projects, time consumption and may increase your invoicing potential.

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Time tracking for consultants
Get access to KPIs and business insights with time tracking software

Get access to KPIs and business insights

With consultants on the road, it is important for consultancies to continuously follow the development. 

It is therefore important that you can follow key figures such as utilization (internal/external %), contribution ratio, invoicing ratio and KPIs per employee You can keep calm and react to inconveniences before it is too late.

Get 8 tips to strenghten your consultancy with KPIs now

Get access to KPIs and business insights with time tracking software

Manage your work in process

Many consultancies especially within the management industry often manages longer projects that run over many weeks or months. With TimeLogs revenue recognition, you will be able to continuously set the value of your present work, get an overview of the progress on the project, and the distribution of value per consultant for bonus settlement.

> How to manage work in process

Resource management in consultancies

Keep track of your resources and reach your deadlines

Resource management is a challenge for most companies. We have a resource planner in TimeLog that gives an overview of the booked resources and resources available for new projects. At the same time, you have the opportunity to see your earning potential based on the planned work.

Resource management in consultancies
Integration time tracking and economy

Link your business systems

Invoice in TimeLog to unify the project economy, and thereafter transfer the invoices to e.g. e-conomic, Microsoft dynamics Axapta or Navision or Visma Administration.

If you use a different financial system, e.g. C5, it is possible to import the invoice base by using TimeLog’s invoice export while booked project costs from the financial system are imported into TimeLog with the build-in cost import. By doing so all data about the project is in one place, and all project managers have an overview of the project economy.

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Integration time tracking and economy
Today we invoice 99.9% of our projects! TimeLog has given us a completely new insight into our projects. Now, we are constantly aware if we are below or above target on our project finances.
Sarah Agerklint Business Consultant, RackPeople Learn how RackPeople increased their invoicing percentage

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